Get Started Smartly With The Smart Film Application In Office

Get Started Smartly With The Smart Film Application In Office


Smart films have a vital role to play every day in almost every aspect, starting from the corporate world to residential purpose; it has left it’s sparkles everywhere. It is very helpful to have a smart film application in office, corporate, building and even retail stores ฟิล์มอัจฉริยะ. You must be thinking about its usage in stores. The answer to your query is here, it works as a multimedia display in retail or front store and also as a projector screen for retail store or marketing. Even residential areas are not left behind in using it for their valuable functions. For official purposes, it is not only helpful rather mandatory.

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Precisely, what is a smart film?

It is an invention that helps in balancing and analysing light transmissions between two products being opaque and transparent Chiefway Smart Film. AC power is a smart film, which is also known as switchable film. 


What are the functions of switchable films?

The smart film is really smart enough to contribute many efforts. It is a combat of functions such as UV and infrared blocking, light adjustment, advertising and security. One of its overseeing advantages is that it eradicates the necessity of blinds, shades or window handlings.


What are the applications of the smart film?

They are mainly known for their multi-function, let’s have a clear vision of it and learn what makes the smart film application in office beneficial.

Electric curtains: It uses transparent or hazes temperature control film and makes the smart film haze when the indoor temperature is high. So, reduction in light results in bringing the smart film to a translucent state. And finally, when the light is weak the smart film shows up transparently.

Protection screen: Smart films can also be used as the switchable screens for projection. The advanced technology of 3G smart films is satiable for front as well for rear projection and the image can be seen from both the sides. 

Multifunction: Combines numerous systems for better programming and optimum utilisation Some of them are:

  • Touch IR and control by voice commands.
  • Laser membrane and many translucent printing membranes.
  • Multiple movies and advertise to appear in transparent glass.
  • Integrates with the control system for full programming.

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How does the smart film application work in the offices?

Time to have a reality check and look at the effective usage of smart film application in office and other buildings.

  • Switchable films are applied to the glass enclosure of a conference room for using it as the projection screen.
  • It portrays its energy-saving functions in the glass curtain walls.
  • Applied to the dust-free rooms and cleaning rooms for reducing the inconvenience of the HODs and employees.
  • Used as the doors of the restrooms. Glass doors are transparent when not in use and instantly turn into the cloud state when the door is closed.
  • Smart films are also used in glass floors and stairs. 


In this new generation, everything is smart and developed. Accordingly, it is noteworthy to take initiatives and be updated. So, check out the new editions of smart films which include low haze and colour options of milky white, blue and grey. Seek for them.